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Policies & Accreditations

As you would expect from a reputable company we have the appropriate range of policy documentation and company accreditations.


Quality Assurance

Turnwright Limited have been involved with the manufacture and supply of hydraulic units and spare parts for all types of hospital beds, trolleys and other equipment, since 1977.

In the early nineties we investigated QA as applied to this type of supply, with the intention of seeking QA status. In the early years many firms embraced QA BS5750 as a tool to enforce manufacturing discipline on its products. This, however, brought with it some very large problems, some of which are set out below.

  1. Quality manuals were often written by outside agencies who did not fully understand the business of the manufacturer. These manuals became over prescriptive, and constrained innovation in design.
  2. QA sometimes had the effect of reducing the ability to implement design changes, to take advantage of new materials and technology, because of the huge paperwork chain that such changes brought about. It was often the case that a minor change took longer to complete the QA detailing than the change actually took to achieve on the product.
  3. A QA manual was only as good as the investment in the system. If the manual was written in loose terms, items could be produced to any quality poor or good. This was especially true of ‘final inspection’ QA certificates.
    1. Turnwright has dealt with large companies where QA is in place but still had incorrect supply. E.g. Steel supplied to the wrong specification but with the correct documents, Castings supplied with porosity from a well-established firm holding BS5750 since it’s earliest days.
    2. In the above cases action was taken to rectify the cause but in our view ISO 9000 should have prevented the problem in the first place.
    3. Over the last 30 years Turnwright have gathered together, a group of companies, both large and small, who we can trust to supply good quality product to the correct timescale and price. They are concerned for our business and our customers. They take special care with our orders to ensure our high standards are met.
  4. The costs involved with QA (often quoted as an investment in fewer complaints and product returns) are always passed on to the customer through the price of the product. This can be a very large additional cost if the product base is broad or if many ‘One Off’ components are produced.
  5. In the last few years many international corporations are adopting a looser QA arrangement where properly authorised and documented changes can take place to bring cost or quality benefits, to both the customer and the company, is being adopted as a better approach to quality. This is fully supported by the freer structures of ISO9000.2000 and ISO 9000:2008, which can also be used to cover service and related activities. Turnwright Limited have this QA in place under certificate number 1207/111180

Where a company takes its responsibilities towards safety, design and production seriously such issues are built into the system right from the start. All customer’s suggestions as to improvements in design or service can be looked at and, provided the changes do not compromise safety or effectiveness of the product, these can be incorporated within a short period without excessive documentation.

Turnwright Limited enjoys a very high reputation for product and service. We supply many of the major manufacturers both in the UK and abroad. Our internal QA system puts the customer at the centre and relies on producing products which meet the customer's needs and which do not involve us in expensive warranty work. (Our own hydraulic units carry a ten-year conditional warranty!)

Any product faults are detailed in our database and the cause investigated. If a trend becomes apparent then design or supply changes are made to rectify the problems. The questions to ask are:

  1. Has there been a problem with any of Turnwright supplies?
  2. If there has been were they resolved quickly and efficiently?
  3. Has there ever been a reoccurrence of the same problem?

If the answers to these questions are satisfactory then you can be assured that we are working hard on your behalf to achieve high quality first time.

We trust you will appreciate the above issues and take our assurances that we stand by the quality of our product and services.

Environmental Policy

  1. The purpose of this document is to set out the company’s policy in respect of environmental issues.
  2. Outline. It is the stated policy of Turnwright Limited that, as far as is practically possible, the company’s activities do not impact in an adverse way on the environment.
  3. The policy is achieved by a combination of activities within the company and should be seen as a benefit to the company operation and not as an inconvenience. The premise for this is set out below.
    1. Environmental damage has a cost, which will impact on the company trading.
    2. This impact can be minimised by sensible measures, which will save both the local environment and cost to the company.
    3. Wherever possible the company will trade with suppliers who minimise their own impact on the environment.
    4. Recycling of materials can reduce input costs and save output costs. If these are passed on to the end user financial, as well as environmental, benefits accrue.
  4. The foregoing must be taken into consideration when balancing the effect of company trading. All other things being equal the company will choose the path of least environmental impact.

Examples of current practice.

  1. The company installed a paper shredder for office documents this is now used to shred all unwanted papers as well as incoming envelopes and junk mail. This product is then used to pack outgoing goods.
  2. Input cardboard boxes are re used as far as possible. Boxes that cannot be used again are sent for recycling.
  3. Jiffy Bags and bubble wrap are also re used as a matter of course. The above measures reduce carriage charges to our customers by approximately 3.00 per consignment.
  4. Waste oil from hydraulic units is collected and sent for recycling. (It is used in waste oil heater units).
  5. Scrap metals are recycled through the local scrap metal system
  6. All computers, fax machines, printers and photocopiers within the company are set on power saving modes where it is fitted. All future purchases will require this setting providing it does not detract from the specified function of the machine. Fluorescent lighting is used in place of conventional bulbs. Long life bulbs are used where strip lights cannot be sited.
  7. Bio-degradable chemicals are chosen whenever possible.
  8. We are actively working with GREENMARK to achieve level 2 environmental certification.

The above list is not comprehensive or exhaustive but is a guide to our commitment.


Working with vulnerable adults and children all our staff are checked to Criminal Records Bureau Enhanced Standard (From June 2010 Independent Safeguard Authority) as soon as possible after employment with us. The in-house training programme takes a long time to complete, depending on original skills base, and you can be assured that staff who visit your premises are fully trained, reliable and totally honest.

All our engineering staff wear our distinctive royal blue uniform with the logo embroidered into the material, NOT printed on, for extra security. They carry photographic ID and will also have our pre-printed documentation with them.

If you have any suspicions about any caller to your premises do not admit them. Call their employer for verification of their identity.

As most of our staff are long-term employees we are not looking for new staff at present.

We also have a strong involvement with the local community and take young people for work experience from a range of local schools.

Turnwright Limited is registered under the Data Protection Act No Z2139431

Health & Safety Policy

  1. It is the stated policy of Turnwright Ltd (the Company) to ensure a safe working environment for its employees and contractors.
    1. This policy intends to eliminate as far as possible accidents and injuries to persons and damage to equipment.
    2. It also extends to work carried out away from company premises.
    3. The company will supply, to its employees, any safety equipment deemed necessary by law or by experience of any operation, practice or process.
    4. The Directors are, ultimately, responsible for this policy.
  2. All new employees must be given an H & S briefing before undertaking any work as per our staff induction sheet.
    1. It is the sole responsibility of each employee to act and work in a safe manner.
    2. Similarly it is the responsibility of all employees, managers and directors to bring to the attention of the management any defects with equipment or any process or practice that may cause injury to any person whether visitors or staff.
    3. There is a well-established chain of command within the company and staff should, in the first instance, report any defects to their immediate supervisor. This will be passed to higher managers for action.
  3. To ensure compliance with the above stated aims the company will regularly & continually revue this policy, working practices, safety details and equipment.
    1. The company will also take due note of external agency inspections such as Health & Safety Agency, Insurance Inspections or Fire Authority Inspections.
    2. If any items are found at fault then it is the company's responsibility to ensure they are corrected at the soonest opportunity, taking into consideration any legislation likely to affect any such Equipment/Operation/Process or Practice.
    3. The company will consult with its employees wherever significant changes to H & S are envisaged.
    4. The company will actively encourage employees to bring forward any ideas they may have to improve H & S Policy and implementation.
  4. Where safety equipment is provided by the company as a result of a safety review it is the managers AND employee’s responsibility to ensure that such equipment is used in accordance with the manufacturers instructions and any defects with such equipment is reported to the management without delay.
    1. The factory manager is the person responsible for all risk assessments in respect of any process within the factory.
    2. The Managing Director is responsible for any office based risk assessment.
    3. Any employee found abusing safety equipment, or failing to use such equipment where it has been deemed required, may be subject to disciplinary action.
  5. Under the law the company has a duty to record and report on accidents. All employees are required to report any accident to their immediate supervisor.
    1. Serious accidents may be investigated by the company or the H & S executive. As part of this investigation employees or staff may be required to provide written statements to the company, which may be passed to the H & S executive.
    2. The managing Director will take the required action to inform the H & S authorities if this is deemed appropriate.
    3. Minor accidents will be recorded in the company accident book by the factory manager.

Race Relations & Equal Opportunities Policy

  1. The purpose of this policy is to encourage equal opportunities within the employment structure of the company.
  2. Outline. Turnwright Limited operates within a multi cultural environment based on, and around, the NHS. It is the stated policy of Turnwright Limited that no person will be discriminated against by reason of their Background, Skin colour, Religion, Ethnic Group, Sex or Race.
  3. Wherever possible (subject to the guidelines) applications from registered disabled people will be considered on an equal basis to able-bodied applicants. The principal will always be the ability to perform the tasks within the job description and practical adaptations to equipment or the working environment will not be a barrier to employment.
  4. The company will also view as a serious offence against the employment code any incident of Religious, Sexual or Racial harassment or discrimination. This clause will apply equally to staff/staff or staff/client relations.
  5. Turnwright Limited has a well established, written, disciplinary procedure for dealing with employees who demonstrate bias based on any of the foregoing.
  6. It is also the stated policy of the company to prevent, wherever possible, discrimination against any of its employees or staff, from third party persons or organisations. The company will refuse to deal with individuals or organisations who show discrimination in any of its forms.

Purchasing Policy

Turnwright Limited have a general purchasing policy to source all materials as close to the eventual sales market as is possible.

This policy is used to determine reliable suppliers who can support the product range with high quality components, parts or services.

As a result we are able to offer reduced lead times, increased product flexibility and more reliable equipment.

As part of this policy we are always seeking new partners in all areas of our product range. If you are a potential supplier, no matter how large or small, we are always prepared to look at your products and, if reliability can be assured, to trial them within our range.

Currently we are seeking suppliers of Electric Actuators, Transformers and control units. Contact Mr S Hansen for details.

Charity & Sponsorship

Like any responsible firm we have a charity budget and try to spread our donations across a range of charities.

Currently we support:

  • National Association for the Relief of Apnoea
  • Guys & St Thomas' Evelina Trust

We also support St Thomas' by recycling our printer and toner cartridges through their charity Tommy's.

We do not consider any other charities at present.


Millennium Product Status

Turnwright Limited is very pleased to announce that the Turnwright Community Bed has been awarded Millennium Product status and now displays the Design Council Logo.

The award was made in London by Prime Minister Tony Blair, who expressed his delight at the bed achieving a place in the final awards before the millennium.

Andrew Summers, Chief Executive of the Design Council said: "We offer our warmest congratulations to Turnwright Limited for the selection of the Turnwright Community Bed as a Millennium Product. We sincerely hope that the Millennium Products status will encourage Turnwright Ltd in further successful innovations".

The bed appeared in the Spiral of Invention in the Millennium Dome at Greenwich, England, until it's closure on December 31st.


As a responsible company we have always worked to conserve the environment. We have done this in the following ways.

  1. Install low energy lighting
  2. Reduce water use with economisers
  3. Recycle office papers, packaging etc
  4. Scrap components and metals are recycled into the steel industry
  5. Office equipment, lights etc are all switched off when not in use or set to power save mode
  6. We have also switched to an Electricity Supplier that supplies from entirely Renewable Sources (hydro, wind and deep green)
  7. And many other, small things, that add up to make our company more responsible

As part of these efforts we have been working with the London Energy Centre and were awarded the Greenmark Level One certificate by Professor Floud of London Metropolitan University on 9th March 2005

We will continue to strive to improve our waste & energy saving throughout the company.

Competent Contractor

Turnwright Limited has always taken it’s Health & safety responsibilities very seriously and as part of an ongoing program has been involved with Human Focus International Limited of Reigate. This renowned training company has produced a system which provides a web based online training facility for all Turnwright employees. The range of subjects is large with everything from Fire Safety in offices to Working in Enclosed Spaces being covered and employees can be trained and retrained as often as required. All the training packages have been approved by the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA). This system is a pre requisite for working with companies such as Vinci & Skanska.


Turnwright Limited are very pleased to be awarded Safecontractor accreditation from Exor. The Safecontractor logo shows we have passed the stringent vetting required by this system and you can be assured that every aspect of our business, from Insurance to CRB checks and H&S Policies, has been checked. Many Central Government, local authorities and NHS trusts now use this system to save them the time and costs of Pre Purchase Vetting.

John Kinge, technical director of safecontractor said, "Major organisations simply cannot afford to run the risk of employing contractors who are not able to prove that they have sound health and safety policies in place."

"More companies need to understand the importance of adopting good risk management in the way that TURNWRIGHT LIMITED has done. The firm’s high standard has set an example which hopefully will be followed by other companies within the sector."

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