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As would be expected from the market leader, Turnwright provide a comprehensive set of service and maintenance arrangements. They range from 'one-off' individual orders to service a specific item, through to detailed maintenance packages tailor-made to suit individual requirements.

We have an extensive database of photographs covering a wide range of equipment and spare parts, not all of which are visible on our catalogue pages. Send us a picture of the part you require and we will match it with our stock or you can ring us, explain what it is you need and we can email a picture to confirm the correct part. We have an enviable record of providing the 'Right Part First Time'

The range of services we offer are:

Call out only

A standard call out package.

Service engineers will call to maintain your equipment in response to your order.

Key Benefits:

  • No contract
  • Only as many calls as you need
  • Engineers on site usually within 2 working days (immediate response available at extra charge)


Maintenance of beds, Theatre Trolleys, Patient Trolleys, Physiotherapy couches, Podiatry Couches, Dynamic Air Mattresses, Portable Patient lifting equipment including LOLER testing and PAT.

Call Off Service

A fully flexible service call off.

In this arrangement an order covering expected work is lodged with our admin team. If an item needs repair then the call off order can be used to cover the work.

Key Benefits:

  • Very Flexible. Can be used by a range of authorised staff such as Ward Clerks or Unit Managers
  • Costs can be limited by the value of the original order
  • Costs can be readily identified
  • Reduced paperwork


As with our normal call out service the full range of our expertise is available.

Full Contract Service

This type of package provides a full service covering a range of equipment across a range of end user units.

Key Benefits:

  • Complete cover of equipment
  • Service level determined by a pre agreed schedule
  • Regular booked visits
  • Regular, expert, maintenance of equipment
  • Fewer breakdowns
  • Longer lifespan for equipment
  • Can still add on emergency cover as well


Full service and maintenance to a whole range of equipment including overbed tables, trolleys, portering chairs, beds, mattresses etc.

Survey Service

An invaluable tool to help you maintain equipment.

Our survey service is unique, in that, it offers information about the bed stock within any hospital that, has always been time consuming to obtain as well as being error prone. The survey report enables any engineer or works officer to make spares orders or decisions about old bed stock without actually visiting each ward or bed in turn. Our very experienced survey team have inspected and reported on over 20,000 beds and are constantly updating their knowledge base.

Although the survey is not free of charge, it is very reasonably priced and much of the initial cost is recoverable against any later works. It is, perhaps, easier to describe some of the important details here below:

  1. Our engineers visit every ward and storage area and, in consultation with the ward staff, examine and test every bed for all the functions originally provided by the manufacturer. This also includes the standard Estmancode checks (M20) & recent MDA (Medical Devices Agency) or Older SAB or SIB notices.
  2. Each bed is labeled with a self-adhesive aluminum foil label which bears a unique number. The label is coated with permanent adhesive’ and is placed in such a way that it should not be easy to remove by cleaning or normal ward use.
  3. All the bed numbers and faults are collated into our computer and a list of beds with the number, manufacturer, type and faults produced. A detailed report is printed out. As a by-product of this, a quote for all works can also be produced. This details the overall likely costs of repairing all beds to good working order.
  4. In addition to the above any ward related problems are also identified, such as pipework or layout and this will assist in your advice to the hospital when purchasing new equipment. It will also give guidance as to why some wards have higher failure rates with equipment than others.
  5. In the event of a bed failure on the ward all any of your staff has to do is ask for the serial number from our label, the bed can then be looked up in the survey document and the information required for spares read off. This system has many advantages especially for engineers dealing with outlying hospitals, community equipment or a large range of differing makes and types within the hospital.
    1. It will reduce time spent by fitters visiting the wards to find out details of reported faults.
    2. It will reduce incorrect spares orders.
    3. It will help find the correct bed for repair even if it has moved about within the ward or even within the hospital. This reduces the risk of duplicate failure reports.
    4. If you wish to use our spares or technical services all you need to do is tell us the bed number and we can advise as to spares and repairs.
    5. The system is easy to use and remains valid as long as the bed is in use. Future purchases of beds can be added at moderate cost to ensure the continued validity of the system.
    6. It can be supplied as a Word Document or as a Access Database which can form the basis of a full maintenance database.
    7. Prices depend on size of hospital and are priced per item.
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